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services de pare-brise pour camion

Auto Distinction, windshield and car accessories experts in Laval!

For your car, truck, motorcycle or boat, at Auto Distinction in Laval, you will be served by our courteous and efficient team offering a full range of products and services for your vehicle.

Not only are we experts in installation and replacement of accessories such as windshields, car windows and tinted windows, alarms, remote starters, sound and multimedia equipment as well as tires and rims, at Auto Distinction, we also offer a car detailing service guided by the highest standards of quality.

At Auto Distinction, you will always be guided to the most appropriate part or accessory and if our wide supply source doesn’t already have it, we will get it for you within a short delay.

We are known for our quality service and competitive prices by our customers, car dealers and other car industry key players.